Staging Soft Tissue Sarcoma (8th Edition)

Recorded presentation from NCRA's 2017 annual conference in Washington, DC presented by Alexander Lazar, MD, PhD.

Because of the diversity of disease in soft tissue sarcoma, the eighth edition focused on soft tissue sarcoma tumors that occur at sites with special attention to the clinical behavior of particular sarcoma types. As a result, there are now multiple related soft tissue sarcoma chapters when there was previously one. The eighth edition also includes non-anatomic staging variables to precisely predict behavior for retroperitoneal liposarcoma.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain the changes in the eighth edition for soft tissue sarcoma.
  • Review the structure and the application of the multiple soft tissue sarcoma staging chapters.
  • Understand how and why non-traditional, non-anatomic outcome prediction tools are being incorporated into staging chapters.

Credit Information

Activity Number Credit Amount Accreditation Period
2017-166 1 CE from October 25, 2017